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Love, Your Friend is a community based nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for fun and friendship to those with physical, social, or intellectual differences in a natural and personal way. 

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Saturday March 23rd 6-7:30 PM.


Kickball and snacks


We host a variety of in-person activities throughout the year, including a pool party, talent show, Halloween party, and more! Our members love to see their friends at these events and look forward to them for months!


When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we switched to meeting on Zoom. Once a month became once a week and we've continued having weekly hangouts on Zoom even as we've returned to in-person activities. 

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Our friends with physical, social, or intellectual differences often enter adulthood with a very small social circle and no support outside of their family. Love, Your Friend is a place where they can make lifelong friendships and socialize with people like them. Our activities are lifelines for our members. When the global pandemic of COVID-19 forced us to stop in-person activities, we started hosting weekly activities on Zoom. We plan to continue this pattern even as we transition to in-person activities once again. Love, Your Friend is needed and so appreciated by our friends, along with their parents and families. Please consider donating so we can continue to pursue our mission. 

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